The Texas Revolution Makes U.S. Bigger

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In October of 1835 a military conflict between Mexico and the Texas colonists took place in the Mexican region that is now known as Texas. This area was a part of Mexico that had been conquered by Spain and won by Mexico during the Mexican War for Independence but had been colonized by settlers from the United States. The battle for Texas, known as both the Texas Revolution and the Texas War of Independence, culminated in April 1836 and led to the creation of Read more

Enactment Of The Homestead Act Triggers A Movement

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The frontier has always loomed large in the American consciousness. Whether it was the outskirts of Boston in 1631, or the vast open plains opposite St. Louis in 1831, the wanderlust of American pioneers carved trails and then roads into the hinterland. When journalist John O’Sullivan articulated the premise that it was the “Manifest Destiny” of the American people to “overspread the continent,” there were millions of Americans willing to heed his clarion call to move westward.

Sectional Read more

Wind Energy: The New Texas Frontier

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Texas has been the land of hard-won opportunity and rugged independence for generations. Using wind energy, Texans can now look towards an even bigger future, powered by sustainable energy systems and self-sufficiency. Texas is ready and able to take its place among the nation’s leaders in the sustainable energy industry, in particular, wind energy.

Given the Presidio Texas energy prices from Reliant, expanding our wind energy opportunities is something that we must pursue. Wind energy is a very effective way for Texans to use sustainable energy while practicing self-reliance. After all, Texas is a state that represents that tough, “can-do” mentality and the citizens of West Texas are eager to take the next step in establishing a more economical and cleaner source for energy. Truly, wind energy is the new frontier for us and this is a very favorable time for Texas!

Texas, in many ways, has come a long way since the 1800s. One thing that hasn’t changed, however, is the fierce independence still evident in the attitudes of its citizens. As the 1800s ushered in the era of cowboys, settlers, cattle and wars for independence, Texas became the symbol of the Wild West. Texas was once a wild and savage land that presented the missionary, the settler and the cowboy with daily opportunities to demonstrate their stamina, their fortitude and their absolute nerve.

In Texas history, every day was an experience that tested the fiber of each man, woman and child. There were wild animals, a treacherous and inhospitable environment and Native Americans who didn’t take kindly to strangers invading and then claiming ownership over Mother Nature. Texas is still covered by thousands of acres of wild landscape but life is no longer wrought with the daily struggle to survive.

Now, we have another chance to flex our independent muscles. Wind energy is our doorway into a new and self-reliant future.

Since the birth of this great state, Texans have chosen to live off of the land and be self-sufficient. This Texan spirit has always been in us, and it’s what will continue to drive us as we take the next steps to conquer this new frontier. Right now, Texas is up to the challenge of gaining its energy independence.

An Appreciation for Manifest Destiny

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Hello everyone! Sorry I have been out of the loop for so long, but I have been tending to things decidedly not of the Wild West. It is good to be back.

I have loved the study of the American frontier since my childhood days in Colorado, where the evidence of westward expansion was all around us. It is amazing to consider the bravery and amazing spirit of those who ventured out west, establishing treaties with other countries and the natives of the land; building farms and homesteads; weathering extreme conditions and unknown dangers; and perpetuating the ideals of Manifest destiny.

In fact, Manifest destiny has been on my mind all day.

Can you imagine? A calling to spread a fledgling nation west, beyond the Louisiana territory into something unknown, prearranged by God. It was not without its faults John Quincy Adams retracted his support of Manifest destiny because it meant expanding slavery west into Texas. Slavery, in fact, was a key detractor for Manifest destiny to become a more widely accepted philosophy.

Manifest destiny had been a rallying cry for the nation to war with Mexico in the 1840s and to purchase what is now parts of Oregon from the British, in the name of divine expansion.

I feel motivated now to write again, soon. The war with Mexico is foremost in my mind. I will write about it next.

Railways, The Power Of Steam Discovered

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The Power Of Steam
The first steam engines in British mines when it was discovered that steam could be harnessed into a form of power. However, it is known that prior to this, the Greeks had already discovered uses for steam engines. Credit for the modern steam engine invention in 1765 is given to James Watt. By 1784, Scottish inventor, William Murdoch, developed the first prototype steam road locomotive.

Railways Of The Wild West
The great rush westward spurred on by the discovery of gold and other precious metals Read more

George Armstrong Custer “The Boy General” And His Demise

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George Armstrong Custer’s life and death have long been mired in controversy. Although Custer and some of his trusted men of 7th Cavalry certainly appeared to have stood their ground at Little Big Horn, they are not positively regarded by history, as are those heroes of the Texas Alamo. Some of this could be in part, due to the colorful and contentious figure he projected. Clearly though, he was a wise and brilliant young leader. It Read more

Pony Express, The Original Fast And The Fearless

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The Pony Express was created in 1860 to help merchants and bankers get mail to the west much faster than normal travel could. The reasoning for this change was how fast the western states started to grow after the gold rush, with any people feeling cut off from family and business all the way in the east.

The owners of the top three stagecoach lines got together and decided to finish off a system created by Benjamin Franklin that Read more

The ‘Sitting Bull’ And ‘Crazy Horse’ Rebellion

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Sitting Bull, whose Indian name was Tatanks Yotanka was a leader of the Hunkpapa tribe of the Lakota Sioux. He was born in 1831 and his tribe was among those involved in the infamous Battle of Little Big Horn where Lieutenant Colonel George A. Custer and more than 200 soldiers were killed. Another participant in this battle was a famous warrior of the Ogala Lakota born around 1840 and named Tasunke Witko, or Crazy Horse. The defeat at Little Big Horn only served to anger the military and resulted in terrible persecution of the Lakota.

Many chiefs were forced Read more

Buffalo Bill And The Wild West Show

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William Frederick Cody, otherwise known as “Buffalo Bill,” was born the 26th of February 1846 in what is now Iowa. For a time, his family settled in Canada. Later they moved to the the territory of Kansas.

Buffalo Bill Cody was a scout for the army and a buffalo hunter. He became one of the most colorful western characters and was known around the world because of his Wild West show.

With the passing of the trapper and the settlement of the west, Buffalo Bill created his Wild West show. His idea was to Read more